Road Safety
is an Acute

As per the World Health Organization, road accidents lead to over 1.3M deaths yearly, with over 15M people suffering non-fatal injuries.

the Game for
End Users

Eye-NetTM is working to change this through its software solutions for third party applications and vehicle manufacturers.

How it Works

Location Transmission

People using the system share their location constantly.
EyeNet Mobile

Accuracy Validation

We measure the distances between users and intersection points in real time to validate accuracy.

Collision Probability

We calculate the probability of a collision between any two users.

EyeNet Mobile

Visual, Audio
& Sensory Alerts

If a collision is detected, everyone involved gets an alert immediately.

in the App

If there’s Eye-NetTM inside, you can be sure that you have extra protection while on the road.

The solution is completely anonymous and requires no registration or profilining. Eye-NetTM won’t be able to identify you in any way.

saver one

Our Partners for
Your Safety

We Partner with Apps to Make you Safer on the Road.

Our Apps are Mobility-based Apps, but not only – every app with GPS / sensor can help Eye-NetTM protect you.

corens technologies

Eye-NetTM Protect Family of Product