Eye-NetTM Provides
Enhanced Safety Add-ons

Our cellular-based V2X solutions can be easily integrated into third party location-based applications and advanced automotive systems.

Our Add-ons Can
Easily Integrate into Various Operating Systems

Eye-NetTM Protect
SDK is iOS and Android based

for the automotive industry is OS agnostic


Great Value for Location-Based Apps
Simple integration of software add-on (SDK) into multi-user 3rd party apps that are location based.
Simple integration of software add-on (SDK) into micromobility.

A comprehensive solution that includes an intuitive mobile interface designed to provide real-time pre-collision alerts to all road users, including the most vulnerable ones (pedestrians, cyclists & micromobility riders). Relies on existing cellular networks, without user registration.

How it Works
Eye-NetTM Protect

Location Transmission

Vehicles I Cyclists I Pedestrians I Other Micromobility users constantly transmit their location to Eye-Net’s cloud servers.

Location Sharing

The cloud servers distribute the users’ location wisely, effectively making each of the users aware of the other users in its vicinity.

EyeNet Mobile
EyeNet Mobile

Collision Probability

Each smart device/smartphone functions as an independent calculating unit, which calculates the probability of collision with another user (potential collision).

Visual, Audio
& Sensory Alerts

Once a smart device/smartphone determines a very high collision probability, immediate visual and audio alerts are generated.


Attractive Edge for Automotive Leaders
Provides unique safety advantages, without any hardware changes and easy software plug-in.

A revolutionary OS-agnostic add-on that can be easily integrated into automotive systems (such as ADAS, navigation, infotainment).

How it Works

Location Monitoring

The location of every Eye-NetTM user’s smart device/smartphone is continuously monitored.
EyeNet Mobile

Users Identification

All road users in the vicinity of an integrated vehicle are introduced to the Eye-ZoneTM system.

Collision Probability

Eye-ZoneTM monitors all users’ movement characteristics & calculates probability of collisions.
Collision Probability

Eye-ZoneTM &
In-Vehicle Systems

Eye-ZoneTM shares users’ location & collision probability with the in-vehicle safety systems.

Eye-Net’s A-EyeTM Engine


Distributed Computing
& Smart Data Send

Spatial Cross-Correlation
(Probability of Collision)

Adaptive Network Latency Compensation

Adaptive Network
Latency Compensation

Movement Prediticion & Dynamic Extrapolation

Movement Prediticion
& Dynamic Extrapolation

Adaptaive Accuracy per Movement Mode & Velocity

Adaptive Accuracy
per Movement Mode
& Velocity

eyenet mobile


eyenet mobile


Insights Generator
(Big Data)