Unlocking Safer Journeys by Elevating V2X Technologies

By Dror Elbaz, CEO

As traffic worldwide evolves to include a broader variety of transit options as well as vulnerable pedestrians—the need for more sophisticated collision-prevention mechanisms intensifies. Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology stands out as the answer, enhancing safety across the board. Positioned at the forefront of this change is Eye-Net Mobile. We specialize in software-based V2X solutions that particularly address the issue of side collisions. In this blog, I will illuminate the factors that set Eye-Net apart, examine the scalability of our innovative solutions, and articulate how they could serve as economic catalysts in local communities.

Eye-Net’s Global Trials and Local Integrations
Leading Eye-Net’s efforts in recent years, I’m proud of its impressive track record. In its six years of existence, the company has conducted thousands of simulations, hundreds of demonstrations to potential business partners, and dozens of trials around the globe. In 2019, Eye-Net took a monumental leap with a large-scale public trial, offering real-time alerts to thousands of concurrent users. Currently, the company is undergoing significant Proof of Concept (POC) projects in Japan and has two integrations in process in Israel.

Eye-Net’s willingness to measure its capabilities against others sets it apart. The company is open to field validation tests, allowing for direct comparison of Eye-Net’s solutions and technologies with other alternatives in the market.

Global Scalability, Local Usability
Eye-Net is a global player but understands the importance of local adaptability. The platform is fully multi-lingual and will support French and Spanish right out of the box. This makes it universally applicable but tailored for local needs. Moreover, Eye-Net’s multi-cloud advantage permits seamless deployment on every Google and Amazon data center, offering optimal performance for users in many localities.

Outreach in Additional Territories:

The company has already made significant strides in various territories, including Japan, India, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and Israel. Eye-Net’s global footprint is expanding, and its solutions are adaptable to different transport ecosystems and infrastructures around the world.

Local Economic Benefits:

Being a subsidiary of Foresight Autonomous Holdings, Eye-Net is a part of Israel’s booming automotive tech industry, which has given us successful companies like Mobileye and Waze. Eye-Net benefits from a pool of highly skilled employees in Israel’s automotive sector. This translates into cutting-edge solutions, not just for Israel but for the world, thereby potentially boosting local economies through partnerships, job creation, and technology transfer.

The Double Bottom Line – Safer Roads and Stronger Local Economies
Eye-Net Mobile is a frontrunner in the V2X technology space, offering software-based solutions for side collision prevention that caters to all road users. With an open approach to validation, a focus on global scalability yet local usability, and a track record of successful trials and collaborations, Eye-Net is not just promising to save lives; it also offers a new paradigm in road safety that could be an economic game-changer. By investing in Eye-Net’s technology, we are not just preventing accidents; we are actively creating safer, stronger societies.